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Canadian detransitioner seeks justice from those who failed her

In the first lawsuit of its kind in Canada, a detransitioner is seeking justice and accountability from the medical professionals whose approach to her troubled self-diagnosis of gender dysphoria—was not to sort through the patient’s mental health challenges and suggest therapy or some alternative treatment—but rather to simply acquiesce to the young woman’s delusions by giving her unquestioned gender-affirmation and to offer medicalization. Such medicalization eventually  included giving cross-sex hormone injections and then performing life-altering surgery that included the cutting off of her breasts, and the removing of her uterus.

In her online blog the detransitioner describes herself as  having “‘a delusional belief’ at the time that she ‘was not a woman and was somehow a man instead.’” But such delusions about reality can be costly. And she acknowledges that “some days, the pain of what I’ve done to myself is overwhelming. I cry and I can’t stop.”

How do you avoid being taken in by a delusional belief of some sort? In the Scriptures the Apostle Paul reveals the key principle. In the Greek Scriptures the word for “truth” is synonymous with reality. It is the opposite of illusion. Therefore to avoid falling for a deception or an illusion we must have a love for the truth.

According to Paul, a delusion results in a deviant behaviour and a wandering away from reality. In this contemporary situation, those feeling gender dysphoria are being tempted to depart from what the Creator God, who made man and woman, says is true. Biological sex is reality. Our DNA gives a true witness that we are either male or female in every cell of our body. It is what the Bible would say is “truth.” 

In this present corrupt time evil has an undiluted power to deceive. But it can only deceive those who refuse to love the truth—which could have saved them from a whole dark swamp of despair. The full force of evil’s delusion is upon those who put their faith in an utter fraud, and who have refused to believe the truth. Such persons make evil their play-fellow. But they only end up bitterly discovering later that evil does not play fair (see 2 Thessalonians 2:9-10). But the Bible’s God does play fair and those who make decisions according to His truth discover that He blesses and adds no bitterness at the end of it all.